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 To Constant Reader: As a new site that will address the natural processes of aging, I intend to offer information, thoughtful comment, challenging concepts, and to bring forth our usual aversion to the aging process and eventual death as normal events of life that are worthy of some consciousness raising.  As I prepare to facilitate workshops on Conscious Aging, I seek comment and reflective criticism of how many of us approach this topic.  What you think the aging population needs; what are your personal wants; have you thought about this subject before…these are the responses for which I seek answers.


Senior couple dancing on the beach                           Happy Affectionate Senior Couple Enjoying Each Other in The Park.


I hope you will visit often as the site expands.  There will be weekly articles, perhaps a discussion forum, certainly comments and reflections from me as time passes.  Join me on this latest journey, and we can explore the joys of aging together…


Regards, Iris

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