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I have other interests that may also interest you, faithful reader. Connect with those below for more information.

1.The Health & Wellness Solution

The site is available through FaceBook where I maintain a blog/information page about my business

Check the above website for products, then go to for more info re Protandim. If you are interested in trying any of the products you will need the following to order:

sponsor: Iris Todd-Lewis

sponsor ID# 2104942

Need to know more? Or, maybe become a Distributor yourself? I am always available through my email: (no SPAM, please!)


My two published books are listed here, but not the two that have not been published (yet?)

“Panama? Why Panama?”

“Postcards from Panama”

Both describe the excruciating time and process that finally got us living and building a home in Panama. The second book details many of the ludicrous experiences of actually living in a small town/village in Panama for our first year there.

3. My personal fan page on Facebook

As I was struggling to really launch my online business with health and wellness products, I found I needed a lot more information about the use of social media. I have never been shy of technology, but something was escaping my attention, so I turned to sources that could assist me in gaining more coverage, and more customers, prospects/ leads and lead to increased income. The journey to improving my results, and therefore my income, is described on my FB business page The Journey to Success, specifically through where you can find a blog and other resources.